The Best Motor Oil for a Wet Sump Clutch

Which is the best motor oil for a Wet Sump Clutch?

Caring for your vehicle through regular oil changes is one of the best ways you can ensure its longevity.

But with so many different kinds of the best motor oil available, how will you know which one is best for the engine you wish to service?

In this article, we will break down the different kinds of sumps currently used on today’s engines as well as the best motor oil for each kind.

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What Are the Different Kinds of Engine Sumps?

As we discussed in our previous article on motorcycle primary fluid, there are two main kinds of engine sumps used today: wet sumps and dry sumps.

Wet sumps are commonly used in car engines and are considered simpler in design than dry sumps, which are more common in motorcycles.

Wet sumps are composed of an oil pan around the main engine crankcase which relies on suction to keep oil in contact with the moving parts of the engine.

Often, wet sumps are baffled to decrease the likelihood of oil sloshing around and losing suction while the car is in motion.

In comparison, dry sumps rely on more than one sump to keep the engine lubricated.

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This is in part due to the fact that oil is drained from the main engine crankcase and pumped to a reservoir or external sump.

This model of sump allows for the minimum possible amount of oil to come into contact with the main engine components at any given time…

As the excess is pumped to a secondary sump to recirculate.

Dry sumps are more common in motorcycles because they allow the engine to be installed closer to the ground.

Without a clunky wet sump pan underneath the crankcase which improves the drivability of the motorcycle by lowering its center of gravity.

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The Best Motor Oil for a Wet Sump Clutch

There’s no shortage of different kinds of motor oils out there today. In fact, we dedicated a whole post to the differences between the types of motor oil!

So, which one is best for a wet sump clutch?

Whether you’re driving a wet sump engine on a car or motorcycle, it is probably worth investing in a synthetic oil designed for a wet sump clutch.

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This is because these kinds of synthetic oils will have helpful additives like friction modifiers, unlike conventional oils.

These additives do everything from improving the viscosity of your oil and reducing mechanical shear to extreme pressure additives which decrease excessive clutch slippage and any consequent mechanical damage.

AMSOIL vs Mobil

Conclusion: the best motor oil

It’s generally a safe bet to go with higher-end synthetic motor oil with additives to improve the efficacy and lifespan of the lubricant.

When in doubt, you should always refer to your car or motorcycle owner’s manual to see what kind of motor oil they recommend for your engine.

This is especially true for a motor with a dry sump clutch, as they rely on more mechanical parts to lubricate the engine.

Some may have different needs than a wet sump clutch.

Regardless of what type of sump is on your engine, you’re likely better off with synthetic motor oil.

Synthetic motor oil like that Amsoil proves the best motor oil.

This will not only decrease engine gunk and buildup while increasing positives like viscosity.

The lifespan of the lubricant and the number of miles you can go between oil changes result in fewer oil changes overall.

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