AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil vs. Harley Davidson Motor Oil

Benefits of Using Saber Synthetic 2-Stroke Oil

Harley Davidson Motor Oil

Harley Davidson is a popular motorcycle manufacturer with a rich history.

Harley Davidson motor oil is a popular engine oil on the market, with great name recognition.

However, there are many different kinds of motorcycle oils available.

So AMSOIL outperforms Harley Davidson’s name brand oil in terms of engine performance and protection.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between Harley Davidson motor oil and AMSOIL full synthetic motorcycle oil, and whether or not Harley Davidson oil is worth it.

Harley produces three different kinds of motorcycle oils—a full synthetic, a synthetic blend, and a conventional motorcycle oil.

These are your choices, whether you’re having your Harley serviced or buying an oil change kit to do it yourself at home.

While there’s nothing wrong with finding security in sticking with the Harley brand, this doesn’t exactly open you up to a lot of other options in terms of optimizing your fuel economy and performance.

What Kinds Harley Davidson Motor Oil Does Harley Produce?

Whether you like to change your motorcycle’s oil at home.

Or have it serviced by a professional, it’s important to know what engine lubricant goes into your bike.

Unlike automobile motors, which have multiple sumps.

Harleys have just one—which means the oil within must act as both lubricant and coolant for the engine and the gearbox.


Selecting the right motorcycle oil for your bike can make the difference between poor performance.

Also fuel economy and wear protection and better mileage.

Harley Davidson is a relatively self-sufficient brand in that it can service your Harley, even finance your bike.

So, what does Harley bring to the table?

Are There Any Motor Oils That Outperform Harley Davidson Motor Oil?

Yes, there are multiple other motor oil companies that outperform Harley Davidson motorcycle oil.

At the top of this list is AMSOIL’s fully synthetic 20W-50 motorcycle oil.

Harley Davidson Motor Oil

AMSOIL offers better protection from engine wear, boosted fuel economy, and can even add years to your engine’s lifespan by preventing a build-up of unwanted deposits.

Also outperforming Harley was Mobil 1, in second place to AMSOIL.

Is Harley Davidson Motor Oil Worth It?

Of course, only you can determine if Harley Davidson brand motorcycle oil is worth it to you.

If you are fiercely loyal to Harley.

It may be worth it to you to opt for cheaper, underperforming motorcycle oil. For some, sticking with Harley’s brand offers a peace of mind and a simplicity that is priceless.

Harly Davidson Motor Oil

For others, getting the most out of their bike in terms of performance and caring for it in the best way possible is at the forefront.

When it comes time to change the oil. If you fall in this category.

You may want to branch out and try changing your own motorcycle oil with a full synthetic like AMSOIL 20W-50.

If nothing else, it would be interesting to see if you notice any changes in the bike’s responsiveness, fuel economy, or performance.

Why AMSOIL (not Harley Davidson Motor Oil)?

You shouldn’t just take our word for it that AMSOIL is a superior motorcycle oil to Harley’s factory brand.

In fact, the McNally Institute of mechanics voted it as the number one motorcycle oil for a Harley Davidson engine.

But they’re not the only reputable organization that thinks AMSOIL produces superior engine lubricants.

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is an unbiased tester of motor oils, and AMSOIL repeatedly scores higher than the competition.

In fact, through rigorous testing, the AAA found AMSOIL to offer nearly 40% easier starts in cold weather conditions.

53% less oil burning than the competition.

Harley Davidson Motor Oil

Greater performance even at five times the normal operating temperature for a motor.

Why settle for a motorcycle oil that’s second rate?

Protect your investment with AMSOIL Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 20W-50 and get the most out of your bike.

You can increase going more miles between oil changes with Amsoil!

Harley Oil Change Kit