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Amsoil Celebrates 35 years!!


Automotive Motor Oils

Series 2000 0W -30        

35-K Miles

Synthetic 10W-30          

25-K Miles

Synthetic 5W-30               

25-K Miles

Synthetic 5W-40            

25-K Miles

Synthetic 10W-40        

25-K Miles

Synthetic 5W-20         

10-K Miles

Synthetic 5W-30           

10-K Miles

Synthetic 10W-30          

10-K Miles

Synthetic 10 W 40         

10-K Miles

Synthetic 20 W-40       

10-K Miles

AMSOIL Heavy Duty
Diesel Motor Oils

NEW The Best Synthetic Diesel Oil

 5W-40 Premium Diesel Oil

Series 3000 5W-30

Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40

PCO Synthetic Blend 15W-40 

Synthetic Diesel Oil  SAE 30

V-Twins Motorcycle/ATV
Lubricants and Filters

V-Twin Oil Change Kit

   Cooler Motorcycle Oils

NEW Formula 4-stroke Small Engine Oil

10W-40 High Performance

20W-50 High Performance

Synthetic 0W-40 ATV Oil

Shock & Fork Oil - Light

Shock & Fork Oil - Medium

NEW Ea Motorcycle Air Filters

NEW Ea Motorcycle Oil Filters

Power Sports Air Filters

Foam Air Filter Oil

Foam Air Filter Cleaner

Motorcycle & ATV Oil Filters


Oil Filter Reference

Harley Davidson Lube Guide

Racing and High Performance Motor Oils

Transmission Fluids

Synthetic ATF

Torque-Drive ATF for
Allison Transmissions

Supershift Racing ATF

Powershift Trans. Fluid

Syncromesh Trans. Fluid

Manual Transaxle Fluid

Synthetic Gear Lubes

Severe Gear 75W-90

Severe Gear 75W-140

Long Life 75W-90

Long Life 80W-140

Universal 75W/80W-90

Marine Gear Lube

80W-90 Gear Lube

AMSOIL 2-Cycle Oils
Includes DFI 2-Stroke

Dominator 2-Cycle Race Oil

Interceptor 2-Cycle Oil

New HP 2-Cycle Oil

New Saber 100:1 2-Cycle Oil

2-Cycle Oil Application Chart

Air & Oil Filters
Oil Filtration Systems

AMSOIL Industrial 
Synthetic Lubricants

PC Series Compressor Oils

Sirocco™ Industrial

Compressor Oils

Hydraulic Oils

Gear & Bearing Oils

Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

Other Quality
AMSOIL Products


Buy Synthetic Oil Online here for personal service! is the premier online AMSOIL dealer -- and your one-stop online shop for all your synthetic lubricants, from AMSOIL motorcycle oil to AMSOIL Motor Oils.

Amsoil extended oil drain, up to 35,000 miles without the need for oil changes!

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AMSOIL for Sale

The Best Motorcycle Oil, The Best Synthetic Oil since 1972

1972 was a banner year for AMSOIL. No, you couldn't buy AMSOIL online yet, but AMSOIL broke new ground for the motor industry with the first synthetic oil awarded the American Petroleum Institute (API) Service Classification. Now with a complete line of AMSOIL products, including a consistently rated best motorcycle oil, AMSOIL automotive oils are considered top of the line. And unlike 1972, yes, you can buy AMSOIL online for complete convenience!

Why is AMSOIL synthetic oil often viewed as the best synthetic motor oil available? It's simply about performance and care, not only for your vehicle, but also for the environment. If you compared, say, AMSOIL motorcycle oil to another brand-name synthetic oil, the results would be definitive -- so definitive, in fact, that you'd be rushing to your AMSOIL online dealer to purchase some!

With AMSOIL synthetic oil, you'll get all the benefits below:

Better gas mileage: Any AMSOIL online dealer or distributor can give you all the facts on gas mileage -- a top concern among synthetic oil buyers. AMSOIL synthetic oil actually helps improve gas mileage. For example, using AMSOIL motorcycle oil, its high-quality composition allows engines to run smoother thanks to less friction and drag than petroleum oils. Recent studies show that AMSOIL synthetic oil can increase gas mileage from 4.5% up to 15% across a range of vehicles, weather conditions, and driving conditions. In this example, how much will AMSOIL motorcycle oil improve your mileage? There's no definitive number, but an estimate of 10% is reasonable, thus lowering your gas bill and helping the environment..

Less motor oil consumption: Consume, consume, consume -- it's something we simply can't do anymore. With AMSOIL synthetic oil, overall motor oil consumption can generally be decreased. AMSOIL online dealers and distributors often cite recent tests demonstrating why AMSOIL is considered the best synthetic oil. Let's return to the motorcycle oil example; in some cases, studies have shown prolonged periods as high as 42%. AMSOIL synthetic oils isn't a cure-all for your vehicle -- and don't believe any AMSOIL online dealer that purports that -- but it remains a very effective way for healthy engines to become even more efficient.

Extended oil drain: AMSOIL synthetic oil broke new ground as the first synthetic lubricant that introduced extended oil drain. Today, AMSOIL online dealers provide drivers with the best extended oil drain available. A change rate of one year/25,000 miles remains an industry standard, and AMSOIL synthetic oil saves consumers time and money while beating out the competition.

Other benefits of Amsoil synthetic lubricants: Let's get back to that motorcycle oil example. If you use AMSOIL motorcycle oil, you'll also benefit by greater power, superior wear protection, lower operating temperature, and low-temperature fluidity in cold winter environments. Need more reasons to buy AMSOIL synthetic oil? Ask your favorite AMSOIL online dealer or distributor -- they'll have plenty to say!

Your online AMSOIL Dealer
What makes a great AMSOIL Dealer?

AMSOIL Distributors

Selection, service, and performance � the same thing that makes AMSOIL great. LubeOilSales is a full-service AMSOIL dealer and distributorthat has a full store and all products for sale; more importantly, LubeOilSales is committed to living up to the very best tenants of a quality AMSOIL dealer.

Any AMSOIL dealer can tell you that the AMSOIL name means the best performance protection and value to millions of motorist. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants and automotive products repeatedly prove superior to other brands. So why would AMSOIL dealers want to bet their reputation on a single brand? Simple � AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are that good.

AMSOIL dealers recognize the benefits: The molecular uniformity and purity of the synthetic oils protect and lubricate engines better and more efficiently in all operating conditions than conventional oils do. Synthetics offer lubrication and quick protection in cold temperatures while maintaining a dependable lubricating film in normal operating temperatures and shielding moving parts from damage and wear during high-stress, high-temperature operating.

LubeOilSales is dedicated to living up to the AMSOIL name. As an AMSOIL dealer and online storewith a full service of AMSOIL products for sale, LubeOilSales offers synthetic motor oils that exceed the most demanding worldwide performance standards and meet warranty requirements for all domestic and imported vehicles.

We are so sure that you'll be satisfied by any product you buy from an AMSOIL dealer that AMSOIL warranties the equipment against failure due to our products.
*Read the AMSOIL Limited Warranty

AMSOIL Exceeds all other Synthetic Oil 

AMSOIL products offer many benefits over other synthetic oils. When you use AMSOIL products, you can count on:
  • Extended oil drain for 35,000 /25,000 miles or 1 Year
  • Better wear protection than any otherAmsoil Synthetic Motor Oil ASL 5W-30  Synthetic oil
  • Also AMSOIL Warranties your engine when you use there oil
  • Outperforms all the major competitors
  • Improves your Gas Mileage
  • The first API Approved Synthetic Motor Oil (1972)
  • Reduces engine / transmission temperature 
  • Reduce Oil Consumption

AMSOIL Synthetic Products: Proof That AMSOIL IS The Best
AMSOIL synthetic oil benefits: Extra Power -- Lower Cost -- Improved Gas Mileage -- Less Maintenance -- Superior Wear Protection -- Lower Operating Temperature -- Incredible Low Temperature Fluidity in Winter -- Highly Resistant to High Temperature Breakdown

Why wouldn't you choose AMSOIL synthetic products?
The Best Synthetic Oil AMSOIL: The Company of Firsts AMSOIL's synthetic products model a documented history of innovation and leadership, including:
  • AMSOIL was the first to engineer an API-rated 100% synthetic motor oil.
  • The first to forge the idea of "extended drain intervals" requiring you to replace your oil every 25,000-miles/1-year.
  • First to launch synthetic oils that justifiably play a role in increasing fuel efficiency.
  • First U.S. company to make use of the NOACK volatility test as a standard of performance superiority.
  • First to formulate synthetic engine oils for  racing engines, diesel engines, marine engines, and turbo engines.
  • First to create a synthetic automatic transmission fluid for automotive use.
  • First to fabricate an automotive use synthetic gear oil.
  • First to produce a 100:1 pre-mix synthetic 2-cycle oil.


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AMSOIL synthetic products are sold at wholesale prices for those that preferred customer discount program. ($10.00 for 6 months or $20.00 yr). This exclusive deal offers a much better price for AMSOIL synthetic products and synthetic oils compared to most other online stores charging retail prices.

Amsoil Introduces new   V-Twin oil change kit : 4- Quarts 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil  Chrome Ea Motorcycle Filter and O-ring for drain plug!  Product code HDCK

Lube Oil Sales is having years of experience in delivering an extensive range of Best Motorcycle Oil and synthetic lubricants for sale. We provide full premium quality, high performance and light products for all types and range. Get an exclusive range of oil filters and AMSOIL Diesel Motor oil help in maximizing the performance of fleets. You will get the right solution to have an effective maintenance of the engine. Moreover, you can Buy Synthetic Lubricants, tranney fluid, lubes, and other products to run motorcycle or car smoothly.

We are one of the leading and well-establish AMSOIL dealerhelp people in buying a complete line of products at a very competitive price. In order to enhance the convenience of the individual we provide a huge array of AMSOIL solutions online. One can acquire the guaranteed peace of mind as our product ensures utmost care as well as performance for the fleet without affecting the environment. You can Buy Amsoil Online that confer effective gas mileage with the highly efficient composition and help engine to run smoothly with the minimum friction and drag.

The purity as well as quality of the product will make engine more efficient in different conditions. We are playing a major role in facilitating the premium synthetic lubricant having extended oil drain. Shop with us, to get best and cost-effective Synthetic Lubricants!

Why Choose AMSOIL

What's New In AMSOIL Products?

Proof that AMSOIL outperforms the competitors!

Motorcycle Octane Boost
Increase power and performance along with boosting Octane up by 30 points.  Provides excellent cleaning  detergent to clean deposits. Treats up to 4- 6 gallons gas.  

New 100% Synthetic Cooler Motorcycle Oils

Read Why Harley Davidson Oil Users are Changing to  AMSOIL Synthetics

Read How AMSOIL Beats Major Competitor Mobile 1

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil Means 8.2% Fuel Savings

AMSOIL 10W-30 Excels in API Sequence IIIF Test

Frequently Asked Questions

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is just one of AMSOIL's products that can increase gas mileage and reduce waste by extended oil drains. AMSOIL's synthetic motor oil recommended usage lasts up to one year or 25,000 miles before changing. With AMSOIL products like the new Ea Oil Filters, AMSOIL recommends a whole year before replacement. Imagine a filter/oil combination that lasts another year � that's what you get with AMSOIL products.

And AMSOIL products come with a warranty to ensure your satisfaction. See our article on how a trucker increased his mileage by over 8 % with AMSOIL synthetic motor oil.

AMSOIL synthetic motorcycle oil is based on a highly innovative lubrication technology that protects the engine from friction, wear, and production of excessive heat. AMSOIL synthetic motor oil also offers protection against viscosity loss and ensures measurably minimized oil consumption. AMSOIL motorcycle oil provides all-season lubrication with a naturally high viscosity index for the best performance across a wide temperature range. AMSOIL motorcycle oils come with a particular formulation designed to resist oxidation, minimize exhaust emission, ensure fuel economy ,and boost engine performance and effectiveness.

Maximize Mileage With AMSOIL Products

Where and How to Purchase AMSOIL Products

Gas prices are spiraling out of control but AMSOIL products (AMSOIL motor oils, synthetic products, ATF, and gear lubes) are here to help. AMSOIL products increase fuel economy for a cooler and more efficient engine; in fact, most users notice an increase in efficiency between 4% and 10%. This increase is found across all vehicles using AMSOIL products including trucks, farm equipment, and daily commute cars. Check out the links below for more information.

Save on gasoline! Use fuel-efficient oil recommended for use in all vehicles requiring 5W-20, 5W-30, or 10W-30 motor oils.

News and Information

100% Synthetic Cooler Motorcycle Oils

As motorcycles are used throughout the summer, high temperatures can impact the performance of the ride. Lube Oil Sales is pleased to announce they are now offering 100% synthetic cooler motorcycle oils through their online catalog to help maintain maximum fuel efficiency and high performance. Read more from SB Wire News Release


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AMSOIL: Find Great Deals on AMSOIL Synthetic Oils LubeOilSales is a certified AMSOIL distributor providing premium synthetic oil to customers all over the United States. With one of the most trusted names in high-performance synthetic motor oils, it's the brand -- and quality -- car owners trust. As an AMSOIL dealer, LubeOilSales has a complete catalog of AMSOIL products to help you find exactly what you need.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil provides many benefits, including increased performance under conditions of heavy engine stress, superior cold weather protection, improved high temperature durability, and reduction of wear on critical engine parts. A premier AMSOIL dealer, LubeOilSales' online catalog has the best prices online for any and all of your synthetic oil products needs. Simply put, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil gives your engine more cold-weather efficiency, less engine wear, and lower oil consumption at high speeds. Order products from an AMSOIL dealer today to see the difference -- both for your vehicle and for your wallet!

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil gets more out of your car, truck, or SUV, as well as your budget. Unlike traditional motor oils, AMSOIL synthetic motor oil lasts long and only needs changing every 7,500 to 35,000 miles. The combined savings in time, money, and stress can be invaluable.

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