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Are you interested in finding “AMSOIL near me” in your search results, or are you on the fence about which brand of motor oil is best for your car? With so many different brands to choose from today, with lots of different marketing between brands, it can be hard to select the right motor oil for your rig.

In this article, we go over why Amsoil is the industry leader when it comes to motor oil by comparing our product to the competitors.

But First, What Is Motor Oil/Mechanical Shear, and What Does It Mean?

When determining which motor oil is best for your engine, it becomes essential to think about the role motor oil plays in keeping your engine running. For example, without adequate lubrication, areas where metal meets metal on your engine would overheat, and eventually, the whole system would seize. The simple act of lubricating your engine keeps everything flowing smoothly with as little as 0.1 millimeters of lubrication between working components.

What this means for the responsible car owner is that the viscosity of their motor oil can mark the difference between engine health and engine failure. Are you confident that your motor oil will not lose viscosity over time, like AMSOIL’s?

So, what can happen if your motor oil loses viscosity? This result can come from mechanical shear, or the process by which one layer of oil moves in the opposite direction of another layer of oil. This is especially common between the cylinder wall and the piston, and one reason why high-rpm and high-horsepower engines are at an increased risk for viscosity loss through shear.

In fact, mechanical shear can rip apart molecules in your motor oil due to the force of the reaction, resulting in the destruction of viscosity-improving additives.

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Other Factors That Limit the Lifespan of Your Motor Oil

Shear isn’t the only factor that can affect your motor oil’s longevity. Acidification in your motor oil can cause an accumulation of deposits that negatively impacts your engine. (This is why most people recommend synthetic oil rather than conventional oil, as it has a tendency to run with fewer engine deposits.)

Another factor when it comes to a motor oil’s longevity is how it reacts with extreme heat. Also referred to as its volatility, this happens when heat causes the oil to evaporate. This can not only reduce the amount of available lubrication but can contribute to the accumulation of unwanted deposits as well.

AMSOIL vs. Competitors

As you can see, investing in high-quality motor oil is essential to its health and longevity. Skimping on the cost of well-designed motor oil could subject your engine to undue wear and premature aging, so do your research!

Did you know that AMSOIL uses shear-resistant base oils along with cutting-edge shear-stable viscosity-improving additives? The same can’t be said of the competition—in fact, AMSOIL fights viscosity breakdown nearly 50% better than competitors like Mobil.

AMSOIL came out on top with acidification and volatility as well. With up to 28% more power to prevent acidification than the competition, AMSOIL products also beat competitors’ volatility by nearly 40%.

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When it comes to selecting the right motor oil for your car, there are a lot of factors at play: age of the car, driving conditions, and how frequently you drive all factor into this decision. While there are many brands claiming to offer the “best” motor oil, it comes down to what’s right for your circumstances. For example, if you have an older car that rarely gets driven, spending the bare minimum on motor oil may work for you. But if you have a higher-maintenance car that sees a lot of miles, you may want to invest in a proper motor oil. This not only increases engine health while fighting undue engine wear but also results in less frequent oil changes.

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