AMSOIL Near Me: Find the Best and Nearest Dealer

If you’re searching for “AMSOIL near me” then you’re surely in the market for high-quality synthetic motor oil or other automotive products from this trusted brand.

However, with AMSOIL dealers located across the United States and Canada, it can be difficult to determine the best and nearest dealer to purchase from.

I’ll guide you on how to find a reputable local Amsoil dealer in a bit.

Before going ahead, I suggest you should consider purchasing online from an authorized dealer like LubeOilSales.

This way I’ll personally help you get the best deal.

Amsoil Near Me

Types of AMSOIL Dealerships

Before choosing your dealer, you should know these things…

There are a few different types of dealers that sell AMSOIL products:

1. Local Independent Dealers: These are individual dealers who operate out of a home-based business or small storefront. They carry AMSOIL products and can be found advertising locally.

2. Online Authorized Dealers: Dealers who sell AMSOIL exclusively online through their website. They have an authorized virtual storefront rather than a physical location.

Amsoil Dealer Near Me

Benefits of Buying from an Authorized Dealer

Amsoil is so big oil manufacturer, right?

They can’t give you personalized help.

So, they choose people like me to do that.

Choosing to buy from an authorized dealer like LubeOilSales comes with a range of personalized benefits that make your shopping experience exceptional.

So, you’re not just getting a product.

You’re gaining access to personalized customer support tailored to your unique needs.

I’m here for you 24/7, ensuring that you have the assistance you need whenever you need it.

Plus, enjoy the convenience of free shipping on your orders, allowing you to receive your products without any additional costs.

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Best Amsoil Dealer Near Me

Amsoil Near Me: How to Find a Dealer Near You

You can always shop online with LubeOilSales and have your best engine oil delivered to your doorstep.

If shopping locally is a must, here are some reliable methods for finding an AMSOIL dealer close to your location:

– Use the AMSOIL Dealer Locator

This tool on the AMSOIL website allows you to search by city, state, or zip code to find authorized dealers within a specified radius.

You can call or visit their website for more details.

– Check with Local Auto Parts Stores

Many NAPA Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, AutoZone, and other chains are authorized to carry select AMSOIL products if a dedicated dealer isn’t nearby.

– Search Online

Enter your city/state and “AMSOIL dealer” in Google to find dealership websites listing their address, phone number, and business hours. Read reviews too.

– Ask Shops You Frequent

If you get regular maintenance done somewhere, the technicians may know of an AMSOIL dealer they recommend or could even special order products for you.

– Check with Local Racing Shops

Places that specialize in performance parts are likely to stock high-end brands like AMSOIL and can steer you to a nearby dealer.

– Look in the Yellow Pages

Yes, they still exist! Check phone books or online business directories for dealers in your area.

And with a bit of searching, you should be able to locate a reputable local AMSOIL dealer to purchase from if an online option isn’t ideal for your needs.

Best Amsoil Dealer Near You

FAQs: How to Find Amsoil Near Me?

1. What is AMSOIL and what do they offer?

AMSOIL is a manufacturer of premium synthetic lubricants established in 1972. They offer a full line of synthetic motor oils, transmission fluids, gear lubes, greases, and fuel additives engineered to provide superior protection and performance compared to conventional or hybrid synthetic oils.

2. Is AMSOIL better than conventional motor oil?

Yes, numerous studies have shown AMSOIL synthetic lubricants provide better engine protection and wear prevention than conventional or even other synthetic oils. Their precise formulation standards allow them to resist breakdown and last significantly longer in severe conditions.

3. How much longer will my oil last using AMSOIL?  

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are engineered to maintain their protective properties much longer than conventional or blended synthetic oils. Most vehicles can comfortably go 12,000 miles or more between oil changes when using AMSOIL synthetics, saving time and money on maintenance over the long run.

4. What types of vehicles is AMSOIL recommended for?

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile or other vehicle, AMSOIL has a synthetic lubricant tailored to match or exceed manufacturer specifications. Their full-synthetic fluids work in all vehicle classes, both gas and diesel powered.

5. Can AMSOIL products improve my vehicle’s performance?

The superior formulation of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants does allow them to enhance engine performance in many applications. Benefits may include improved fuel efficiency, better cold weather starting, reduced emissions, and increased horsepower/torque compared to conventional or blended synthetic oils.

6. How do AMSOIL membership and rewards programs work?  

Members earn loyalty points on purchases redeemable for future savings. Higher tiers like Commercial Elite provide perks like free shipping for life. It’s a great way to maximize your savings as a heavy AMSOIL user. Points never expire and can be shared among family/business vehicles.

7. What is the AMSOIL satisfaction guarantee?

AMSOIL stands 100% behind their products. If for any reason you’re not satisfied, they’ll replace the product or provide a full refund – no questions asked. It’s rare to need thanks to their high standards, but the guarantee provides complete peace of mind for customers.

8. How can Canadians purchase AMSOIL products?

Authorized online retailers like ship AMSOIL products to Canadian addresses affordably. No issues receiving your order across the border. Additionally, the AMSOIL dealer locator can help find local retailers throughout Canada to shop in-person if preferred.


Whether you need to replenish your AMSOIL supply or are looking to switch to the high-performance synthetic blend for the first time, shopping with an online authorized dealer should be your first choice.

They offer the best overall value through wide selection, competitive pricing, and convenient home delivery.

In just a few clicks, you can have premium AMSOIL protection for your vehicle delivered right to your doorstep.

I hope this guide has helped point you in the right direction of where to find quality AMSOIL products near you – even if the closest local dealer is miles away.

With so many great online retailer options, getting your hands on AMSOIL synthetic motor oil or other automotive fluids is easier than ever.

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