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Amsoil break-in oil
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Amsoil 15w40 Diesel Oil, Amsoil Break in Oil
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Amsoil Break In Oil

The friction-modifier-free formulation helps rings seat appropriate for most compression and reduced blow-by. Excellent film strength and proprietary anti-wear additive bundle assist make specific cams and bearings covered all through Amsoil break in oil. Delivers competition-quality engine preparation.

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The friction-modifier-free formulation permits sharp peaks on newly honed cylinder walls to partly flatten, developing greater floor vicinity for rings to sit.

Amsoil Oil

AMSOIL was the first to develop an API-rated 100% synthetic motor oil that outperforms all the major competitors.

Still not sure if you’re ready to switch to AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you want an increase in horsepower?
  • Do you want 25,000-mile oil or even 35,000-mile oil?
  • Do you want better gas mileage?
  • Do you want a cleaner engine?
  • Do you want to save money?

If you answer yes to those questions, then AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oils are right for you. Use Amsoil break-in oil on any new engine or motor SAE API helps seat seals and less friction on rings.

Signature Series Amsoil Motor Oil

Unique synthetic-based stock blends and highly developed additive packages found only in AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oils provide up to TWICE the wear protection of other motor oils, extending the life of your engine.

That means that AMSOIL synthetic motor oils save you money!  In addition, AMSOIL Signature Series synthetic motor oils minimize friction for faster engine response, increase horsepower, and improve fuel efficiency.

AMSOIL Signature Series  0W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil 35,000 Mile oil / 1yr
AMSOIL Signature Series  20W-50 Synthetic Motor Oil


 AMSOIL XL Boosted Motor Oil

XL series synthetic motor oils are formulated to deliver 7,500 miles or six months of service between oil changes. That’s DOUBLE the life of traditional oils.  In addition, these oils provide outstanding wear protection and increase power, performance, and fuel economy in high and low temperatures.

(XLF) AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-30 Motor Oil
(XLT) AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-30 Motor Oil
(XLM) AMSOIL Synthetic 5W-20 Motor Oil
(XLO) AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40 Motor Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil 25,000 miles  (Best Seller)

AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is engineered to outperform all conventional gasoline engine motor oils, decrease heat, friction, and wear for maximum power, performance, and fuel efficiency. Not only can you expect more power, performance, and fuel efficiency, but AMSOIL synthetic motor oil is built upon a clean engine formula.

A cleaner, quicker, more powerful, more fuel-efficient engine, AMSOIL makes it happen.  It also defends against high-temperature break down that create sludge and varnish, lasts longer (at least double), and protects better. AMSOIL synthetic motor oils provide optimum performance at any temperature.

(ASL) AMSOIL 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil  (Best Seller)
(ATM) AMSOIL 10W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL 5W-40 Synthetic European Engine Oil

AMSOIL’s European synthetic engine oil is specially formulated for the lubrication needs of European gasoline, diesel cars, and light-duty trucks. Combined with an overall 5W-40 viscosity rating and allowing for maximum extended drain intervals, AMSOIL European synthetic engine oil provides superior protection and performance.

(AFL) AMSOIL 5W-40 Synthetic European Engine Oil

AMSOIL Marine Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke@ Marine Synthetic Motor Oils are certified by the National Marine Manufacturers Association for use in four-stroke outboard motors. These new Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Oils are the finest quality in synthetics, formulated for marine environments’ incredibly unforgiving working conditions.

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke@ Marine Synthetic Motor Oils hold up through the robust mechanical activity of constant, high RPM operation to deliver the ultimate viscosity protection to your engine.

In addition, AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oils are specially fortified with a heavy treatment of highly developed additives that guard motors against rust, wear, and deposits; and these oils outshine the competitors in both intense horsepower situations and extended full-day trolling conditions.

AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oils satisfy the warranty requirements of four-stroke outboard motor producers.  Whether you’re looking for better performance, fuel economy, or a cleaner engine.

(WCT) AMSOIL 10W-30 Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil
(WCF) AMSOIL 10W-40 Formula 4-Stroke® Marine Synthetic Motor Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Specifically engineered for four-stroke recreational engines, including All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), outboard motors, personal watercraft, snowmobiles, and motorcycles, AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oils will leave your engine and your pocketbook in remarkable condition.  Contains special rust inhibitors to protect motors used on water. These oils also protect against wear in high RPM motors.

The Amsoil synthetic motorcycle oil is wet-clutch compatible, and they contain no friction modifiers. Amsoil Motorcycle Oil extensive viscosity range makes it exceptional for use in any temperature extreme.

The top-quality evaporation resistance of AMSOIL Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil keeps oil consumption, emissions, and engine wear to the bare minimum while maintaining superb oil flow and fuel efficiency (and it’s easy on your AMSOIL Motorcycle Oil filter).

(AFF) AMSOIL 0W-40 Formula 4-Stroke Synthetic Motor Oil
(AHR) AMSOIL 60 Synthetic Heavy Racing Oil
(MCF) AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic High-Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil
(MCV) AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic High-Performance Motorcycle Engine Oil

AMSOIL High-Performance Oil

High Performance, top-quality synthetic motor oils are specially formulated to function in high temperatures/high-stress engines, such as those in SUVs, motor homes, RVs, pickup trucks, older vehicles, and diesel engine passenger vehicles. AMSOIL High-Performance Oils can be used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

These oils are suggested for use in motor vehicles subject to short trips, high temperatures, stop-and-go driving, off-road use, and recurrent trailer pulling.  If you’d like to enjoy the extended drain period of 25,000 miles/one-year intervals while protecting your engine, then AMSOIL High-Performance Oils are the right choice.

(AMO) AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic High-Performance Motor Oil
(ARO) AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic High-Performance Motor Oil

AMSOIL Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil

Our synthetic natural gas engine oil is chemically engineered to provide unmatched protection for all natural gas motors. Natural gas engine oil has a low-ash formula with exceedingly efficient rust and deterioration inhibitors. It flows quickly to vital engine components for rapid, effortless cold-weather engine start-ups and has incredibly low volatility to keep stable in hot engine situations.

AMSOIL Natural Gas Engine Oil does not break down like petroleum oils since it better protects against the effects of high-temperature oxidation for much longer than petroleum oils. If your automotive engine has been modified to use propane or natural gas, you should not use this product. AMSOIL has many other products available to meet those needs.

(ANG) AMSOIL (20W)-40 Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil, Low Ash

AMSOIL Synthetic Diesel Oil

If you’re looking for top-quality synthetic diesel oil, look no further.  AMSOIL has several choices to meet your artificial diesel oil needs.

(HDD) AMSOIL Series 3000 5W-30 Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel Oil
With a fuel-efficient formula for gasoline and diesel fleets, AMSOIL Series 3000 Oils have the heftiest additive package of all other AMSOIL Motor Oils.

They deliver better wear defense than other popular diesel oils and more effectively diminish fuel consumption than the competition. AMSOIL Series 3000 Synthetic Motor Oils resist oil breakdown from heat, blow-by chemicals, and oxygen up to ten times longer than conventional oils.

(AME) AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Heavy Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil
AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil unite the highest quality lubrication and performance potentials of a premium synthetic lubricant with unique rust and corrosion prevention.

AMSOIL Synthetic Heavy-Duty Diesel and Marine Motor Oil are suggested for engines used in the marine business and diesel engines utilized in trucks, fleets, mining, earth moving, construction and farm apparatus.

(PCO) AMSOIL 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Diesel Oil

AMSOIL Break in Oil 15W-40 Synthetic Blend Diesel Oil is a new combination of natural base stocks, high-performance synthetic base stocks, and advanced additives.  In addition, it also contains special rust-inhibiting additives, making it perfect for sporadically run engines.

As a result, AMSOIL Synthetic Blend 15W-40 Diesel Oil supplies exceptional performance and wears defense over extended drain intervals (double average interval) in both light and heavy-duty diesel engines.

(ACD) AMSOIL 30 Synthetic Diesel Oil
When requirements demand a CF, CF-2, SH, or SJ lubricant, AMSOIL SAE 30 Synthetic Diesel Oil is what you need.  It is optimum for virtually every diesel application, including mining apparatus, truck fleets, stationary engines, earth-moving machinery, and farming equipment.

In every engine tested, amsoil break in oil considerably reduced cylinder liner wear, ring wear, ring breakage, cylinder bore polishing, piston deposits, and oil consumption.

It is a heavy-duty diesel oil chemically formulated for commercial and industrial applications. amsoil break in oil ensures the highest engine protection, extraordinary cleanliness, and superior performance over extended drain periods.