Why AMSOIL Is Right for Your Vehicle


There are plenty of reasons to switch from regular oil to AMSOIL synthetic oil. One of those reasons includes being able to save on long-term engine maintenance costs by not having any sludge and deposit buildup. By keeping the engine clean, synthetic oil reduces wear and tear of the engine significantly, which also reduces the number of times the oil needs to be changed in the vehicle. Whereas conventional oil requires an oil change every 3000 – 5000 miles, with synthetic oil, the oil only needs to be changed every 7500 miles, sometimes even more than that.

While switching to synthetic oil is the logical choice for better overall engine performance, durability, and gas mileage it’s just as important to select the right brand. While there are plenty of good brands out there to choose from, AMS OIL is both the original synthetic oil and the synthetic oil that’s right for every vehicle. Compared to some of the other brands, AMS OIL prioritizes quality over price, is heavily researched and tested, and guarantees peak engine efficiency and durability.

AMSOIL: Quality Over Price

Originally founded by Al Amatuzio, a former jet fighter squadron commander, AMS OIL was first established in 1972 and was the first synthetic oil to conform to the standards of the American Petroleum Institute. This is because the company revolutionized synthetic lubricants by researching and developing new technologies based on aerospace technology. The end product was AMS OIL 10W-40, which set the standard for every other motor oil manufacturer in existence today.

The reason AMS OIL produces high-quality synthetic fuel is because the company prioritizes selecting high-quality raw materials that guarantee durability and peak performance. As such, chemicals are carefully tested to meet quality standards before being processed at AMSOIL’s manufacturing facility. When high quality fuel, engine durability and high engine performance are top priority, price doesn’t come into question. As a result of AMSOIL’s commitment to high-quality synthetic oil, its founder Al Amazuzio was entered into the World Hall of Fame in 1994 as a pioneer in synthetic lubrication.

Researched and Tested

Another important detail that factors into AMSOIL’s high-quality synthetic fuel is the heavy research and rigorous testing it goes through before being put on the market. This entails testing the fuels at both chemical and practical levels. At the chemical level, the raw materials are tested to ensure they meet AMSOIL’s high standards before being approved for careful processing at a manufacturing facility.

At the practical level, AMS OIL synthetic fuels are tested in every type of vehicle, including passenger and commercial vehicles, emergency and police vehicles, and racecars. Other types of vehicles tested include snowmobiles, dirt bikes, and boats. In addition to vehicles, AMS OIL synthetic fuels are also tested against wind turbines and industrial machinery. Not only do these tests help ensure high performance and efficiency when AMS  OIL synthetic fuels go on the market, but the data is also used to continue improving the formula to continue ensuring peak engine performance and protection against wear and tear.

Peak Engine Efficiency and Durability

When all is said and done, AMSOIL synthetic lubricants maximize engine durability and performance on multiple levels. First, AMS OIL synthetic oils are comprised of resilient base oils that lack unwanted materials. This results in a durable microscopic fluid film that protects vehicle engines against wear and tear. Second, AMS OIL synthetic oils do not require as much energy to circulate and don’t get consumed as quickly as regular oil, which maximizes fuel economy and reduces emissions. This makes AMS OIL synthetic oils environmental friendly

The unique composition of AMS OIL synthetic oil is ideal for both hot and cold weather conditions as both can impact fuel quality and engine durability. During hot weather conditions, AMS fOIL synthetic oils remain resistant against oxidation and the formations of deposits and sludge, making it five times cleaner than regular oil. In cold weather conditions, AMSOIL synthetic fuels never thicken and remain fluid, which protects the engine against wear and tear.

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