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Is Amsoil motor oil worth it?

You may have heard that regularly changing your car’s motor oil is beneficial to the long-term health of your engine.

But did you know that the motor oil you choose for the job can make a difference?

With so many different kinds of motor oils on the market today. It can be overwhelming to select a brand to trust with the interior workings of your car.

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It? Yes, of course. And we are going to know about it below.

In this article, we break down some of the top reasons customers and mechanics alike love Amsoil motor oil.

So you can understand Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It or not.

As well as what sets us apart from the competition.

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It?

AMSOIL consistently outperform the competition. In fact, in a study put on by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

AMSOIL synthetic oil burns up to 5 times cleaner than conventional oils. From a different brand, especially in hot driving conditions. In colder weather areas, AMSOIL synthetic oils are nearly 40% more likely to easily start than their conventional oil counterparts.

What can you expect from Amsoil motor oils? You can expect American-made, high-quality lubricants that can “go the distance” with more miles between oil changes than the competition.

This includes other benefits like better gas mileage, fewer engine deposits, and increased horsepower.

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It[


Different Kinds of Motor Oil

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It, really?

While there are no wrong answers with AMSOIL motor oils. There is an array of options for different premium motor oils to satisfy your vehicle’s unique needs.

With marine, natural gas, motorcycle, and automobile motor oils, amsoil can be the brand you trust with all of the engines in your life!

However, if it’s car motor oil that you’re interested in, there are several different AMSOIL offerings that may fit the bill for your circumstances.

They are as follows:

1.     AMSOIL High-Performance Oil: Compatible with both diesel and gas engines.  AMSOIL’s High-Performance motor oil can provide superior lubrication to your pickup truck or car, RV, motorhome, and more. This motor oil is top-rated for off-road travel, stop-and-go traffic, and towing heavy loads. Enjoy the extended lifespan of AMSOIL High-Performance Oil and go up to 25,000 miles between oil changes, regardless of climate conditions where you live!

2.     AMSOIL XL Series: Formulated to last twice the length of traditional motor oils. AMSOIL XL synthetic motor oils offer increased fuel economy, engine performance, and horsepower. Capable of operating at temperature extremes, our patented synthetic formula provides peace of mind knowing your engine won’t burn oil or shear with repeated use.

3.     Synthetic European Oil 5W-40: Designed specifically for our European customers. This specially-formulated oil provides high-performing lubrication for European gas or diesel engines in cars or trucks.

4.     OE Advanced Engine Protection Oil: If you are interested in excellent engine performance as well as superior engine protection, this oil is for you! Offering 47% more protection from undue wear than the competition, this fully synthetic motor oil is perfect for all vehicles, especially those with direct injection or turbos.

5.     AMSOIL Synthetic Signature Series Motor Oil: Perhaps AMSOIL’s bestseller, this synthetic motor oil comes with additives designed to reduce friction, overheating, and premature wear while optimizing engine power, performance, and fuel economy.

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It

Still you can ask Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It for your engine?

AMSOIL Synthetic Signature Series also prevents sludge build-up and shear while offering drivers in all climates the superior performance they crave.

Is AMSOIL Motor Oil Worth It?

You may already feel that synthetic motor oil is superior to conventional motor oil, but not all synthetic motor oils are created equal.

To promote the health of your engine and prevent undue wear, selecting the right motor oil for your circumstances is a vital component of proper vehicle care.

Interested in learning more about the different kinds of motor oil? To browse top-of-the-line AMSOIL motor oil products, browse our online catalog today!