Harley Davidson Synthetic V-Twin Primary Transmission Reference Oil Chart

Harley-Davidson/AMSOIL Oil and Capacity Chart and Cross Reference

Harley Davidson motorcycles use a special type of oil called primary oil that is designed for high performance engines. The oil is made from synthetic base oils and contains additives to improve its viscosity and reduce friction.

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Secondary oil is used to cool the engine and protect it against corrosion. It also acts as a sealant between the piston rings and cylinder wall.

If you own a motorcycle, you probably know how important it is to maintain the right level of oil in your engine. You should check your oil every month and replace it when it gets low.

Amsoil has the best oil for harley transmission and primary!

What oil is best for Harley Davidson? Check below on the oil weight for your model.

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

AMSOIL Cross Reference Guide

Evolution 1340 - Big Twins 1450 - Revolution / V-RodsBestSecondaryAlternate
Primary Chain CaseMCV------
Ironhead - Evolution SportstersBestSecondaryAlternate
Engine, Transmission / Chain CaseMCV------
Harley-Davidson Part #AMSOIL Product
99816-60 HD Engine OilAHR SAE 60 Engine Oil
MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99892-84 Transmission LubeSVG 75w-90 Gear Lube
SVO 75w-140 Gear Lube
99824-03 Screamin Eagle Syn 3MCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99887-84 Primary LubeMCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99896-88 Sport-Trans fluidMCV 20w-50 Engine Oil
99880-73 Type B fork oilSTM #10 Suspension Fluid
99884-80 Type E fork oilSTM #10 Suspension Fluid
V-Twin Transmission Fluid

Synthetic V-Twin Transmission Fluid

Harley Davidson Oil Filter Cross Reference

Custom-engineered for quiet operation to eliminate transmission whine. Enables smooth shifts for crisp acceleration through each gear. Delivers outstanding protection for long transmission life. Use in any V-twin transmission that does not share a sump with the engine, including those found on Harley-Davidson,* Triumph* and pre-2013 Indian* motorcycles.

V-Twin Primary Fluid

Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid

V-Twin Primary Fluid

Engineered to provide consistent clutch performance for confident starts. Helps prevent slip for smooth acceleration. Limits drag to make finding neutral easy. Protects the compensator bearing and other vital chaincase components for long equipment life. Use in V-twin primary chaincases commonly found in Harley-Davidson,* Triumph* and pre-2013 Indian* motorcycles.