Amsoil vs Lucas: Which is Best for Your Engine in 2024?

Amsoil vs Lucas: Which One is for Your Engine?

As an avid gearhead and engine oil enthusiast, people often ask me which brand of oil is best – Amsoil or Lucas.

Having used both oils extensively in my vehicles over the past 20+ years, I’m here to share my experience and insights on how these two top performers stack up.

Amsoil vs Lucas: Which One is for Your Engine

A Brief History of Amsoil and Lucas Oil

Let’s start with a quick overview of these brands. Amsoil was founded in 1972 with a focus on synthetic lubricants.

They pioneered many “firsts” in the oil industry, like being the original manufacturer of synthetic motor oil for automotive use.

Lucas Oil was founded in 1989 and is best known for their racing oils and additives.

Both companies have grown tremendously over the decades to become leading names in the performance oil market.

Feature Comparison: Amsoil vs Lucas Oil

Here are a detailed feature comparison of Amsoil and Lucas oil…

1. Viscosity & Formulation

Amsoil uses only premium full synthetic base oils in their formulations for maximum protection and performance.

Their synthetic blends provide better viscosity retention and film strength than conventional or semi-synthetic oils.

Lucas Oil offers both conventional and synthetic blends.

While their synthetics are good, Amsoil’s full synthetics have a more advanced additive package.

2. Wear Protection

Both brands contain top-tier detergents and dispersants to prevent sludge, deposits, and wear.

However, Amsoil’s synthetic base oils and proprietary additive system provide unparalleled wear protection.

Their oils are engineered to exceedingly tight tolerances to maximize engine life.

Amsoil is simply the best at preventing expensive engine repairs down the road.

3. Temperature Resistance

Temperature extremes really separate the top oils.

Amsoil’s synthetics maintain optimal viscosity over a wider temperature range.

Their oils stay fluid in sub-zero weather and don’t thin out as much in extreme heat.

Lucas oils are also good, but Amsoil edges them out for withstanding severe temperature fluctuations.

4. Cleanliness

Keeping an engine clean is crucial for long-term performance.

Amsoil’s high-tech detergent system actively removes sludge and prevents new deposits from forming.

Their oils sweep away contaminants other oils leave behind.

Lucas oils clean well too, but Amsoil is the industry gold standard for cleaning power.

5. Fuel Economy Benefits

Both brands can improve fuel efficiency to some degree by reducing internal engine friction.

However, real-world testing has shown Amsoil to lower operating temperatures even more, resulting in maximized fuel economy gains.

Their synthetics simply lubricate an engine better for less drag and higher mpg.

Below is a comparison chart between Amsoil and Lucas oil…

Amsoil vs Lucas Oil Comparison Chart
Amsoil vs Lucas Oil Comparison Chart

My Personal Experience: 20+ Years of Amsoil

After trying various oils over the past two decades, I’ve settled on Amsoil as my go-to brand.

All of my vehicles – cars, trucks, bikes – have seen nothing but Amsoil since the late 90s.

The results speak for themselves.

My high-mileage engines still run like new thanks to Amsoil’s unrivaled protection.

I’ve also recommended Amsoil to family, friends and customers.

Everyone who switches over notices smoother operation and longer drain intervals.

Mechanics are always impressed by how clean Amsoil keeps engines.

After years of real-world testing, I confidently stand by Amsoil as the best performing and most cost-effective oil out there.

Amsoil the best engine oil

Value and Convenience: Amsoil's Longer Drain Intervals

When you consider overall value, Amsoil’s superior formulation really pays off.

Their synthetic motor oils are engineered to last up to twice as long as conventional or blended oils between changes.

This means you only need to change your oil half as often when using Amsoil – a huge savings over time.

For example, in a daily driver doing 10,000-15,000 miles per year, Amsoil can go 15,000-25,000 miles between changes.

At $50 per change including oil and filter, you’ll save $100-150 per year versus changing every 5,000 miles.

Over 10 years that’s $1,000-$1,500 in maintenance savings alone!

The convenience of fewer oil changes cannot be overstated either.

Less time spent changing oil means more time enjoying your vehicle.

Amsoil truly helps your engine and your wallet in the long run.

Amsoil vs Lucas Oil Which One is for Your Engine

Amsoil: The Best Choice for Engines of All Types

Whether you drive a gas car, diesel truck, motorcycle, powersports vehicle or heavy equipment, Amsoil has an oil tailored to match your specific engine’s needs.

Their extensive line includes conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic oils for gasoline, diesel, powersports, racing and more.

With an oil for literally every application, Amsoil makes it easy to keep all of your equipment running at peak performance.

You won’t find a more complete assortment of high-zinc and low-zinc formulas anywhere.

Amsoil truly is the single source for all of your lubrication needs.

The Clear Winner: Amsoil Outperforms Lucas and All Other Brands

After putting both Amsoil and Lucas to the test over thousands of engine hours, the clear winner is Amsoil.

Their superior synthetic technology, unmatched protection qualities and tremendous value over time make Amsoil the best overall choice, in my opinion.

While Lucas oils are certainly good performers, Amsoil has proven time and again to maximize engine life, lower operating costs and deliver smoother operation.

For the serious gearhead who demands the best, Amsoil synthetic motor oils are the top choice for keeping your engine happy and healthy.

So, if you want the most advanced lubrication protecting your most important engine investment, choose Amsoil.

Your engine will thank you with years of trouble-free operation.

I wouldn’t recommend anything less for all of my own vehicles and customers.

FAQs: Amsoil vs Lucas Oil

1. Which Brand is Better for Gasoline Engines?

For gasoline engines like cars and trucks, Amsoil is the top choice. Their full synthetic formulations are engineered to provide the best protection and performance in gas engines. Amsoil keeps engines running cleaner for maximum fuel efficiency and power.

2. Which Oil is Better for Diesel Engines?

Both Amsoil and Lucas make excellent oils tailored for diesel engines. However, Amsoil edges out Lucas due to their wider variety of diesel-specific formulas catering to all applications. Whether you have an old agricultural diesel or a new heavy duty truck, Amsoil has the right oil.

3. Can Amsoil or Lucas Improve Fuel Economy?

Yes, both brands are proven to boost fuel economy to some degree. But studies show Amsoil lowers operating temperatures even more, translating to maximized efficiency gains of up to 4% versus other oils. Their unrivaled protection qualities result in less engine friction and drag.

4. How Much Longer Will Amsoil or Lucas Last?

Amsoil is engineered to go up to twice as far between changes compared to other oils. Most customers report changing every 15,000-25,000 miles with Amsoil versus 5,000-10,000 miles with other brands. Lucas can also go longer than conventional oils, but not quite as far as Amsoil.

5. Which Brand is Best for High-Performance Engines?

Amsoil is the top choice for performance and racing engines. Their full synthetic formulations are specifically engineered to withstand the high heat and stresses of boosted motors. Amsoil protects critical components and maximizes horsepower.

6. Which Oil is More Cost-Effective in the Long-Run?

Amsoil saves the most money over time due to their ultra-long drain intervals requiring fewer oil changes. The savings from fewer changes, plus Amsoil-protected engines lasting longer overall, make Amsoil the most cost-effective choice by far versus other brands.


After putting both brands to the test, it’s clear that Amsoil edges out Lucas Oil and all other engine oil competitors.

Their full synthetic formulations, unparalleled protection qualities, tremendous value over time and wide range of applications make Amsoil the best overall lubrication solution, in my opinion.

While Lucas oils are good performers, only Amsoil has proven the ability to maximize engine life, lower operating costs and deliver smoother operation over thousands of real-world miles.

For serious gearheads who demand only the best, Amsoil synthetic motor oils are the top choice.

So if you want to keep your most important investment – your engine – running at peak performance for many trouble-free miles to come, choose Amsoil.

It’s been my oil of choice for two decades and I wouldn’t recommend anything less for your engine.

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