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Amsoil Torque Drive for Automatic Transmission The Best 2022


Engineered to eliminate deficiencies common to standard oil Automatic Transmission Fluid.  AMSOIL Torque Drive provides superior performance and protection against thermal and oxidative degradation, sludge, varnish formation, consistency shear down, and cold-temperature oil thickening. Transmission system operating expenses will be directly connected to transmission fluid quality. Immediate monetary advantages are doable upon the installation of the Torque Drive. Vehicles remain on the road longer, needless labor and maintenance costs are reduced, and therefore the come-on pricey transmission investments are maximized.

Amsoil Torque Drive Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid is a multi-functional fluid ideal for mixed fleets of vehicles, meeting the foremost demanding heavy-duty transmission specifications and serving to eliminate compatibility issues and misapplication. For use in Allison, MAN, Voith, ZF, and other heavy-duty transmissions. Torque Drive ATF is the best heavy-duty Automatic Transmission Fluid. Engineered for outstanding performance in heavy-duty transmissions manufactured by Allison, Voith, ZF, and other heavy-duty transmissions. Excellent protection in temperature extremes. Ensures consistent, smooth clutch engagement over the life of the fluid and controls clutch glazing and elongated shift times.


Hot operating conditions are no excuse for poor transmission reliability. In cold temperatures, AMSOIL Torque Drive ATF without problems flows, as it does now not include the wax discovered in traditional ATFs. Cold-temperature fluidity allows the proper operation of small, delicate, electronically managed solenoids influencing equipment changes. Transmissions using AMSOIL Torque Drive have a speedy response at some stage in the cold process and can be used immediately upon startup.

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Torque-Drive is recommended for use according to the extended service interval established by the original equipment manufacturer for the performance specifications identified above under Product Applications.


Torque-Drive for use in heavy-duty, on-and off-highway automatic transmissions requiring any of the following specifications:  Hot working conditions are no excuse for lousy transmission reliability. By delivering a slower-than-normal oxidation rate, AMSOIL Torque Drive helps stop sludge that blocks small valves and varnish that restricts component movement and reduces oil thickening, slowing shift times.


AMSOIL Torque Drive for use in heavy-duty, on-and off-highway automatic transmissions requiring any of the following specifications: Allison TES-295, TES-389, C-4; Ford MERCON V; GM DEXRON III-H; Isuzu SCS; MAN 339 Type V-1, 339 Type V-2, 339 Type Z-1, 339 Type Z-2, 339 Type Z-3, 339F; MB 236.91, 236.10; Voith 55.6335, 55.6336; Volvo 97340, 97341; ZF TE-ML 03D, TE-ML 04D, TE-ML 14A, TE-ML 14B, TEML 14C, TE-ML 17C, TE-ML 20B, TE-ML 20C.

Examples of operations that benefit from using Amsoil ATF include municipal or transit buses, motor coaches, garbage haulers, motor homes, delivery vans, emergency vehicles, school buses, dump trucks, utility vehicles, cement trucks, line haul trucks, tow trucks, and more.

Amsoil Torque Drive ATF
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