Is AMSOIL Motor Oil Really That Good?

I’ve been a loyal user of Amsoil for over 20 years, and it’s hands down the best engine oil I’ve ever used.

As an automobile enthusiast, I’ve tried products from various brands, but Amsoil stands out.

It has not only saved me money and time but also provided me with peace of mind.

What more could you ask for?

Amsoil vs Mobil

What is Amsoil Motor Oil?

Amsoil Motor OilAMSOIL is an American-based manufacturer of engine lubricants.

They offer exceptional products for European- and American-made gas or diesel engines.

Their Synthetic Signature Series motor oil is the bestselling, rated for up to 30,000 miles between oil changes.

Amsoil also provides a collection of other high-end engine lubricants.

These include lubricants for advanced engine protection, high performance, extended drain periods, and more.

A proprietary list of additives is added to the crude oil.

This process aims to increase its viscosity, inhibit foam formation during operation, prevent unwanted oil deposits from building up, and more.

Is Amsoil Motor Oil Worth It?

You’ve heard about Amsoil’s superior engine performance, but what sets it apart?

Amsoil boasts impressive benefits, including burning five times cleaner in hot temperatures, up to 38% less oil consumption during performance, and 36% easier starts in colder conditions.

These results clearly outshine the competition.

These findings stem from a comparison of Amsoil synthetic engine lubricants with conventional motor oils, inspired by a test conducted by the American Automobile Association (AAA).

1. Superior Wear Protection Compared to Competitors

AMSOIL sets a high standard in its manufacturing process, using tests like the ASTM D4172 Four-Ball Wear Test and the DIN 51581 NOACK Volatility Test to demonstrate the measurable benefits of its synthetic lubricants over competitors.

The NOACK Volatility Test has been a benchmark of excellence for AMSOIL, highlighting its superiority in performance.

Graphs comparing the results of the Four-Ball Wear Test and NOACK Volatility Test show where AMSOIL motor oils stand against their competitors, showcasing additional benefits that are not as easily quantifiable.

AMSOIL invests in the best and most durable additives, ensuring its motor oils maintain stable shear, protecting against varnish and sludge buildup while keeping engine components clean and corrosion-free.

Compared to AAMA, JASO, and ACEA oil specifications in North America, Japan, and Europe, AMSOIL motor oils exceed expectations in high temperature/high shear viscosity and resistance to shearing forces.

Low-shear oil can lose density quickly, especially in high-temperature conditions, leading to increased metal-to-metal contact and wear.

AMSOIL’s high TBN (Total Base Number) levels neutralize damaging byproducts produced during combustion, preventing sludge and varnish deposits that can clog oil passages and cause engine components to stick and malfunction.

AMSOIL’s detergents and dispersants additives significantly reduce sludge and varnish deposits, keeping engines clean and deposit-free for extended drain intervals.

2. Amsoil’s Precision Burning Formulation

Motor oil plays a crucial role in an engine’s operation, lubricating its moving parts to reduce friction and heat.

However, when exposed to the intense heat of burning gasoline, oil can evaporate and burn off, leading to issues like breakage, pinging, and engine knock.

Amsoil’s motor oil is meticulously formulated to burn precisely, ensuring clean combustion that not only maintains engine performance but also extends its longevity.

By preventing excessive oil consumption and minimizing harmful deposits, Amsoil helps engines run smoothly and efficiently for longer periods.

3. Anti-Foam Protection for Metal-to-Metal Contact

During engine operation, the air in the crankcase can mix with the motor oil, leading to foaming.

This foaming can be detrimental as the air bubbles in the foamed oil may collapse, hindering heat transfer and reducing the effectiveness of the lubricant.

AMSOIL motor oils are engineered to prevent foaming, which in turn prevents metal-to-metal contact and reduces wear.

This is achieved through the use of high-quality base stocks and additives.

By eliminating foaming, AMSOIL motor oils offer extended drain intervals while maintaining optimal performance.

They provide long-term wear protection, improve fuel economy, keep engines clean and deposit-free, ensure reliable cold weather starting, and offer corrosion resistance.

4. Amsoil Performance Tests

AMSOIL’s Superior Performance in Severe Conditions was demonstrated by installing AMSOIL CVT in four taxis in Las Vegas, each driving 100,000 miles.

The results revealed that AMSOIL CVT Fluid provided exceptional protection in severe-service conditions.

Improved Startup Protection is another key benefit of AMSOIL products.

The Signature Series AMSOIL provides enhanced wear protection during engine startup for its components by offering better cold-cranking viscosity.

5. Amsoil Keeps Engines Clean

In a head-to-head comparison conducted by an independent lab, Amsoil synthetic motor oil outperformed a leading competitor in a rigorous 100,000-mile test.

Amsoil’s Signature Series provided significantly better wear protection, keeping engine bearings looking new and delivering 75% more engine protection against horsepower loss and wear.

Additionally, Amsoil’s Signature Series protects against Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI), achieving complete 100% protection against LSPI events.

In contrast, a competitor’s motor oil showed LSPI-related piston damage, indicating inferior protection.

Compared to Mobil 1, Amsoil prevents viscosity breakdown and offers superior protection for pistons, cams, and bearings.

Amsoil’s mechanical shear resistance ensures that even under extreme heat and pressure, its viscosity remains stable, surpassing industry standards.

Amsoil synthetic motor oil is 46% more effective than Mobil at preventing viscosity breakdown, providing maximum protection for high-horsepower, modern engines.

As one of the world’s leading independent oil companies, Amsoil formulates its products based on performance, not price.

This commitment allows enthusiasts to push the limits of performance, power, and speed with a complete line of full-synthetic lubricants.

Take advantage of a great deal today by joining the Preferred Customer program, which offers free shipping, a 25% discount, and more.

Amsoil Motor Oil New

Should I Buy Amsoil Synthetic Motor Oil or Conventional?

If you’ve delved into the world of motor oils, you’ve probably observed that conventional oils are generally more affordable than synthetics.

But the real question is: are synthetic oils truly worth the investment?

The answer lies in their superior performance and longevity.

Synthetic oils consistently outperform conventional oils, offering longer intervals between changes, which translates to fewer changes overall.

They also promote better engine health, improving fuel economy, reducing oil sludge and buildup, and lowering the risk of oil burning.

So, there are specific situations where conventional engine lubricants might be preferred over synthetics.

For instance, if you own an older vehicle, drive it infrequently, or live in a moderate climate with minimal commuting, conventional oil could be a suitable choice.

If the lower cost is appealing and you’re not overly concerned about maximizing engine performance, traditional oil might be the ideal solution to the question, “which motor oil is right for my car?”

Amsoil Motor Oil New 1

Who Sell Amsoil Engine Lubricants?

Looking for a reliable source for Amsoil engine lubricants?

When it’s time to change your car’s oil, consider the long-term benefits of synthetic oil.

While it may have a higher initial cost, the extended time between oil changes and the overall health benefits for your engine make this upfront cost difference negligible.

If you’re interested in browsing Amsoil engine lubricants to optimize your car’s performance, check out Lube Oil Sales’ selection of premium Amsoil motor oils today at


Now you know that Amsoil is the best engine oil.

So, I suggest you give it a try now.

And I trust you love it.

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